Rose Creek Crossing

Rose Creek Crossing

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 2009 Newsletter

Rose Creek Crossing HOA
June 2009 Newsletter

The Rose Creek Crossing Board of Directors and Advisory Committee strongly believe that Communication and clearly set standard of community rules are the keys to a happy community, and to facilitate that request, the Board of Directors and Advantage Management has set up an email forwarding alias to facilitate communication with the community members. All emails sent to will forward directly to all 3 board members, the 5 advisory committee, and Jason Sucher at Advantage Management. If you have suggestions, comments or concerns, send us an email and let us know. Benjamin Donner of the advisory committee has also set up a blog for the HOA where we will be posting information for owners to review and comment upon. That can be found at: Please also see attached to this newsletter the HOA community rules and regulations. If you are an investment / rental owner, please be sure that your renters receive these rules for their records.


Please observe the following rules of usage to make the pool a safe and enjoyable environment for all Rose Creek Crossing Homeowners:

• There should be no unattended guests allowed in the pool at anytime. That means that if your visiting family or friends want to use the pool, someone from your unit must accompany them at ALL times. We understand that many non-residents will be tempted to use the Rose Creek Crossing amenities and this will help us to be able to better identify those people who do not belong on the property.
• Please do not leave the clubhouse door or gate unlocked or allow non-residents to use your key at anytime.
• Please remember that the pool hours are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. There are many homeowners who live very near these areas, therefore everyone needs to keep noise to a minimum while in the pool area.
• Please do not leave children unattended at the pool area. This is a violation of City and State Laws.
• If you have lost your pool keys, replacements can be purchased for $50.00 by contacting Aldana at Advantage Management at 866-500-7368. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HAVE KEYS, AND YOUR KEY DOES NOT OPERATE THE GATE, PLEASE CALL ADVANTAGE MANAGEMENT AT 1-866-500-7368.
• The pool will close for the season the Tuesday after Labor Day. This is the standard outdoor pool season in Utah.

Clubhouse Rental Policies
Please make note of the following revised regulations regarding clubhouse reservations:
• No commercial or business usage will be allowed at any time
• Clubhouse reservations will be limited to 4 reservations per month per home.
• The reservation fees will be changed as follows: Full Day Weekend reservations will be $50 per day, and Full Day Weekday reservations will be $25.00 per day
• Reservations will not be taken more than 90 days in advance
• Reservations are made by calling Advantage Management at 866-500-7368 x 100. Ask for Aldana.
• Holidays (Christmas, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc) will be handled by a lottery drawing of all owners that desire to use the clubhouse on one of those holidays. The drawings will be held 90 days in advance of the holiday so plans can be made accordingly. If you desire to reserve the clubhouse for one of those days, please submit your request in writing to

Window Washing
If you desire to have your windows professionally cleaned, Aspen Window Washing has been scheduled to take appointments from your community on June 25th and June 26th. The discounted price will be $1.40 per exterior pane and $1.20 per interior pane. Brady can be reached for an appointment at 801-369-1590.

On Street Parking
Remember that there is to be no long term or overnight parking in the streets of Rose Creek.

Pet Clean up and Pet Restraints
If you are a pet owner, please clean up after your pet EVERY TIME they leave a mess in the common areas or on your neighbor’s yard. Unfortunately this continues to be a problem at Rose Creek Crossing. Homeowners who do not clean up after their pets will be warned once in writing and then fined $50, $100 or $150 for continuing offenses. If you are a homeowner who has seen a pet that is not being cleaned up after, please note the unit number that the pet belongs to and call Advantage Management at 866-500-7368.

Please also remember that all pets must be kept on leashes whenever they are in the common area. There is no exception to this rule and homeowners who choose to allow their pets to roam free will be fined. This is also a city law and loose animals may be impounded by local Animal Control Officials.

Additionally, not only is leaving pet waste laying about in poor taste, pet waste transmits disease. This unsanitary behavior cannot be permitted!

Trash Disposal
Please help keep our community clean and attractive by following these common sense rules for proper trash disposal:
Please remember that the trash cans must be kept inside your garage or otherwise out of site at all times except on trash removal day, after which it must be returned to its proper storage location within 24 hours.

Advantage Management
Please remember that monthly HOA dues payments are due on the 1st and late after the 10th of each month. You can also sign up for automatic monthly withdrawal of your dues by contacting Advantage Management at 866-500-7368 or you can pay online at You will need the following information to make an online payment:

* Mgmt Co. ID
: 7504
* Assoc. ID
* Association Name: : Rose Creek Crossing HOA
* Mgmt Company: : Advantage Management
* Assoc. Account #: : XXXYYY (this is the first three letters of your last name [XXX] followed by the first three letters of your first name [YYY])

Thank you for your support and desire to maintain Rose Creek Crossing as one of the premiere communities in all of Salt Lake County.

Rose Creek Crossing HOA Board of Directors and Advisory Committee
And Advantage Management