Rose Creek Crossing

Rose Creek Crossing

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minutes HOA Board Meeting 1/28/13

Minutes of  the Rose Creek Crossing Homeowners Association Board Meeting
28 January 2013

The referenced minutes are to be revised to indicate that the following three officers listed in the “Attendees” section are authorized to sign any and all financial documents on behalf of the Rose Creek Crossing HOA at the America First Credit Union or any other institution:  Bryce Bagley (Board President), Michael Weber (Board Secretary), and Nathan Judd (Board Officer).

Personnel in possession of these minutes should annotate them to this effect.

If there are any questions on this matter, they may be addressed to the Rose Creek Crossing HOA Manager at Advantage Management in Orem, UT, Jason Sucher: 1-801-235-7368, ext 103

board organization:

First Item of Business:  Board Organization.  The board members discussed and voted on the terms of service and positions as follows:

Bryce Bagley, Board President (term extends to August 2014)
Michael Weber, Board Secretary (term ends in August 2013)
Nathan Judd, Board Officer (term ends in August 2013)
Annie Fisher, Board Officer (term extends to August 2014)
Holly Stejskal, Board Officer (term extends to August 2014)

Jason Sucher, HOA Manager from Advantage Management, was also in attendance and led the board in the conduct of the meeting’s proceedings.