Rose Creek Crossing

Rose Creek Crossing

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minutes HOA Board Meeting 1/28/13

Minutes of  the Rose Creek Crossing Homeowners Association Board Meeting
28 January 2013

The referenced minutes are to be revised to indicate that the following three officers listed in the “Attendees” section are authorized to sign any and all financial documents on behalf of the Rose Creek Crossing HOA at the America First Credit Union or any other institution:  Bryce Bagley (Board President), Michael Weber (Board Secretary), and Nathan Judd (Board Officer).

Personnel in possession of these minutes should annotate them to this effect.

If there are any questions on this matter, they may be addressed to the Rose Creek Crossing HOA Manager at Advantage Management in Orem, UT, Jason Sucher: 1-801-235-7368, ext 103

board organization:

First Item of Business:  Board Organization.  The board members discussed and voted on the terms of service and positions as follows:

Bryce Bagley, Board President (term extends to August 2014)
Michael Weber, Board Secretary (term ends in August 2013)
Nathan Judd, Board Officer (term ends in August 2013)
Annie Fisher, Board Officer (term extends to August 2014)
Holly Stejskal, Board Officer (term extends to August 2014)

Jason Sucher, HOA Manager from Advantage Management, was also in attendance and led the board in the conduct of the meeting’s proceedings.


1.       Budget and finances.  Jason verbally reviewed key aspects of the funding report that had been prepared by Advantage Management (a copy of this report was provided to each Board Member). 


          a.       Most significantly, this report shows that the Rose Creek Crossing HOA bank accounts hold a total of $137,139.95 (a combination of checking and savings), which is calculated to be 73% of the recommended amount of available funding to support the “Reserve Study” for an association of our size and composition.  As a result, it was determined by the Board that we are in “good shape” at this time.

          b.       The amount of cash available for check-writing in our checkbook is $17.228.93.  It was determined that this amount is undesirably high for a non-interest bearing account.  Consequently, it was agreed that $14,000 of it should be put into a savings account.

          c.        It was further determined that the name of our now departed ex-president, Ben Donner, should be removed from the account as a legal signatory and that the names and signatures of our newly elected president, secretary, and treasurer should be inserted.


          a.       Jason to see that $14,000 of the amount currently in our checkbook is placed into our savings account as soon as reasonably possible.

          b.       Our bank will be notified that Ben Donner’s name should be deleted as a legal signatory for the account.  The names and signatures of Bryce Bagley, Nathan Judd, and Michael Weber will be provided in its place.

2.       HOA Website.  It was agreed that Bryce Bagley will take over maintenance of the HOA Website.  He is to obtain needed information from Ben Donner.

3.       Lawn Care for 2013.  It was confirmed that our landscape contractor—“MD”—is to take on this task.  Jason accepted the task of reminding the company of their responsibility for undertaking this effort.

4.       Pigeons on Community Housing. 

Discussion:  This issue is associated with a complaint made by a homeowner on the Southeast side of our property.

Action:  It was agreed that this problem has been properly taken care of and that no further action is required at this time.

5.       “Heat Tape” for the Barrett’s House.

Discussion:  The Barrett’s had complained about a problem with heated air evaporating from their house.  Their proposed solution was to place tape in specific locations on the exterior of their house.  The home was looked at by Advantage Management engineers who determined that the house was uniquely situated, facing north by an alleyway, and subsequently agreed that tape would be an acceptable fix. 

Action:  Board members were satisfied that the situation is under control.

6.       Pool Committee.


          a.       Board members agreed that home owners showed more interest in having a Pool Committee during the Annual Homeowners Association meeting held in the spring of 2012 than currently exists.  The reason for this was deemed to be of a lack of problems taking place during the summer of 2012.

          b.       After some further discussion, it was decided that homeowners should nevertheless be given an opportunity to form and be part of a Pool Committee.

Action:  The possibility of having a Pool Committee will be included as a topic in the next community Newsletter.

7.       Neighborhood Watch. 

Discussion:  It was agreed that the person behind the concept of having a Neighbor Watch program, who had been given approval to do so at the Annual Homeowners Association meeting, had apparently not taken any action on this subject.  It was further agreed that the community had shown few, if any, problems during the past year that it would not warrant the need for special watch efforts at this time.

Action:  None required.

8.       Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2013.

Discussion:  It was agreed that a Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2013 would be prepared and distributed to all homeowners.  Jason will provide input to Michael, and Michael will put it together with other information commonly placed in the Newsletter and provide the completed draft to the Board for review and comment by March 15.

Action:  As stated above.

9.       Next Meeting.  The next meeting will be held on April 22.  That will be about a month before pool opening and give us time to go over and plan for any pool issues, and by then we will have the landscape started for the year and can discuss any fine tuning that needs to be done on that as well.

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