Rose Creek Crossing

Rose Creek Crossing

Thursday, July 23, 2015

July Newsletter and 2015 Budget Update

July Newsletter

2015 Budget

HOA Annual Meeting

The HOA annual meeting will be Tuesday, August 18, 7 pm to 9 pm at the club house. The following items are scheduled for discussion (subject to change).
  • State of the HOA address
  • Pool/clubhouse usage
  • Yard maintenance standards for
  • Single Family Homes (SFH)
  • HOA financial reports/budgets
  • Insurance coverage
  • Reserve study/fees
  • Question & answer period
  • Town home parking regulations and traffic calming solutions
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Community party
  • CC&R amendment

Community Party

The community HOA party is scheduled for Saturday, August 15, from 12pm to 4pm at the detention basin. We hope everyone can make it!
  • Pizza and drinks
  • bounce house
  • other items for the kids!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Early Pool Opening - May 9th

The swimming pool will open 2 weeks early on May 9th.

The fees to do this will cost approximately $1400 or less that will come from the Master Association Reserve. There was some confusion on where the money came from to pay for the pool opening early.

Snow removal funds come from the Townhome HOA reserve fund. As you may recall, last year the funds were split into two separate accounts, a Master Association Fund and Townhome reserve fund. The Townhome reserve fund only covers items in the townhomes.

The Master Association fund covers the pool, clubhouse, and entry areas into the RCC neighborhoods. All HOA members, homes and townhomes, pay $17 a month into this fund. This fund is what is used to pay for the pool and clubhouse. NO money is being taken from the townhome reserve fund to cover the pool expenses. Thus no snow removal money is being used for the pool opening or the pool in general.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Newsletter

The Spring newsletter - (if you did not receive a copy or email notice).

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pool Committee

The HOA Board is looking for volunteers to serve on a pool committee for 2015. The committee will help the board find solutions to the on-going challenges that come up with the pool each year. Interested candidates can email their contact information to

Friday, January 2, 2015

Townhome Parking

Beginning January 5th, 2015, there will be no on street parking allowed anywhere in the townhome area. Violators will be towed by Hagen Collision & Towing, located at 3285 West 12600 South, in Riverton. Signs will be place at the entrances to the townhomes and throughout the streets. Please remind your guest and neighbors because, as you can see below, the fees are not very kind.

Vehicle Boot Fee: $75
Impound Fee: $145
Admin Fee: $30
Fuel Surcharge Fee: 10%
Storage Fee Per Day: $40
After Hours Fee: $75
NOTE: These fees are set by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)

All visitor parking spots will be available on a first come first serve basis, to residents or visitors. Please note, per current HOA rules, no vehicle can remain in a parking stall for longer than 7 days and no vehicle can be parked on the sidewalk (this includes over hanging vehicles blocking sidewalk access). Any violators of this rule will receive no warning and will be towed immediately.

The Board encourages neighbors to work with each other to provide their driveway, when possible, if additional parking is needed. This may not be a realistic solution for some, but we hope that it may help solve parking problems for others.

The only exceptions to the on street parking rule will be service vehicles (e.g. plumbers, carpet cleaners, landscape maintenance, when someone is moving in or out of a unit, parcel delivery vehicles, etc.). However, if these vehicles need to be parked for longer than a four hour period, they need to be parked in a driveway.

December Newsletter

The December newsletter - (if you did not receive a copy or email notice).

December newsletter